ISO14443A NTAG213 Blank RFID NFC Cards

Which NFC chip card are you looking for ?
The most popular and normal NFC cards chip are : NTAG213 /215 /216 , Topaz512 , Ultralight ;

NTAG213/215/216 with better scan strength ;

NTAG216 NFC chip  with 924 Bytes memory , 888 byte User memory , 854 Max URL ;  

Basic Feature : 

Blank White PVC cards with NTAG216 Chip ;
CR 80 Size (same with credit cards ) ;
Good quality Glossy surface , without fingerprint and without scratch ;
NTAG216 Blank NFC Cards can be printed by all thermal transfer printer .

Inkjet NTAG216 Blank NFC cards can be printed by inkjet printer ; 

Available nonstandard Size  :

25*40 mm ;

30*50 mm ;

80*120MM ;
85*100MM ;
89*152 MM ;   
100*120MM ;     
100*150 MM ;

Available chip :

(LF): EM4200, EM4305,TK4100, T5577 etc. 
(HF): MF 1K S50/Fudan F08/MF 4K S70/I Code Sli/ Ultralight/Ntag 215/216 etc.
(UHF):Alien H3,U Code etc.

Available Craft : 

Off set printing , Pantone printing and silk screen printing .

QR Code/Serial Number Engraved etc.

Picture for reference (Blank NFC cards with NTAG216 NFC chip ) :

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ISO14443A Blank White NFC PVC Cards - NTAG216 888bytes memeory

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