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125KHz TK4100 inkjet Blank PVC Cards for inkjet printerAbout Inkjet cards :There are special coating on both side which can absorb ink ;Our inkjet PVC cards can be printed by Epson and Canon inkjet printers;Inkjet PVC cards with RFID chip is available , such as 125KHz and 13.56MHz ,860~960 MHz .Basic Feature : Blank Inkjet cards with TK4100 Chip ;CR 80 Size (same with credit cards ) :85.5*54*0.84 ..

13.56MHz HF ISO 14443A MF 1K RFID Wooden Key Card for Hotel RFID Lock New

13.56MHz HF ISO 14443A MF 1K RFID Wooden Key Card for Hotel RFID LockAbout MF 1K chip cards :MF 1K chip with 1024 byte memory , 14443A protocol , data encoding is OK , MF 1K chip card is normal Key cards for Hotel RFID Lock .Basic Feature : Custom logo printed is OK ,and the colour is light than PVC cards ;Size :85.5*54 ,customized size is OK ;Thickness :1.2~1.4mm ;Material : wooden ,include Maple..

14443A HF 1K Fudan F08 Fabric RFID Wristbands For EventsBasic Feature:Nowadays Fabfic&Woven RFID wristbands are highly used for access control Events and Festivals.Full colour printed on RFID card tag and Fabric Band , UID and Unique QR code on RFID card tag is available ;Specification:Material:Woven or Fabric,Button : Reused or disposable ;Card tag Size : Type 1 : 25*39 mmType 2 : 25*40 mmTyp..

168 byte NDEF Format ISO 14443 NTAG213 NFC RFID Epoxy TagBasic Feature:The NTAG213 has a slightly better ScanStrength than the previous generation NTAG213And also adds additional optional features such as a counter, UID mirror and password protection.NTAG213 chip with180 Bytes memory , 144 byte User memory , 132 Max URL ;Matching with all NFC phone , with good scan Strength ;NTAG213 chip is good c..

192 Bytes Ultralight C NFC Fabric Wristbands For Payment and EventsBasic Feature:14443A Ultralight C NFC wristband , with full colour / logo printed ;Ultralight C with high security for payment .192 bytes memory , user memory 148 bytes ;Specification:Material:Woven or Fabric,Button : Reused or disposable ;Card tag Size :Type 1 : 25*39 mmType 2 : 25*40 mmType 3 : 42*26 mmBand Size :350*15 and 400*1..

25*39MM PVC Material NTAG213 NFC Tag for Woven WristbandMaterial : PVC ;Chip : NTAG213 ,please let me know if you request other RFID chip ;Available chip : HF : NTAG213/215/216 , Ultralight , MF 1k / 4K ;LF: EM4100/4200 ,T5577 ;UID printing is available ;Unique QR code printing is available ;CMYK printing as your artwork ;Basic Feature:NTAG213 NFC chip can match with all NFC phone ,NTAG213 NFC t..

40*25 mm Black PVC HF ISO 15693 I CODE SLIX RFID label for LibraryBasic Feature:15693 I CODE RFID Label is good for library management, Include I CODE SLI, I CODE SLIX, I CODE SLIS chip;I CODE SLIX is ISO 15693 chip with 896bit EEPROM15693 I CODE RFID Label with better reading distance than 14443A RFID tags ;Specification:ICI CODE SLIXMemory896 bitsFrequency13.56MHZMaterialBlack PVCAvailable Mater..

45*15 mm MF Classic 1K Epoxy RFID Key Tags for Access ControlSize : 45*15 mm , other popular size : 30*50 mm , 40*25mm ,42*26 mm ;Chip : MF Classic 1K , 1024 bytes ;Printing as your artwork , please provide AI or PDF vector file .Unique serial number / UID or Unique QR code printing is available ;Basic Feature:About 1K chip :1024 Bytes memory , 716 byte User memory ;4 bytes or 7 bytes UID ;MF 1K..

45*18mm ISO 14443A Fudan F08 Epoxy RFID Tag for RFID lockerChip:Fudan F08 ;Memory : 1024 Bytes ;Size : 45*15 mm , other popular size : 30*50 mm , 40*25mm ,42*26 mm ;Basic Feature:About Fudan F08 1K chip :1024 Bytes memory , 716 byte User memory ;Very economic RFID Epoxy tag 100% compatible with MF 1K S50 Chip ;Available Die Cut Size : 28*32mm ,45*30,42*26,53*30,55*27,28*28mmφ25, φ 32,φ35,φ40,φ4..

5*5 layout FELICA RC S966 RFID Inlay Sheet for Felica RFID CardsBasic Feature:RFID Inlay sheet for Felica RFID Cards , layout : 5*5 ; Felica RC S966 chip ; copper coil +IC ;Standard thickness :0.45mm (for 0.84mm RFID cards ) ;Material:PVC+copper coil + IC ;Thickness : For HF RFID card Inlay :0.3mm、0.32mm、0.35mm、0.4mm、0.42mm、0.45mm、0.5mm,For LF RFID card Inlay : 0.45mm~ 0.6mm ;Antenna..

504bytes NTAG215 Programable Epoxy NFC Tag for all NFC Phone Chip:NTAG215 ;Memory : total 540 bytes ,user memory 504 bytes ,Max url(characters):492Size : 40*25 mm ,customized size is available ;Basic Feature:NTAG215 Epoxy NFC Tag can be read by all NFC phone ;NTAG215 is big memory NFC chip , it is enough for NFC business cards and other NFC application ;Available Die Cut Size : 28*32mm ,45*30,42*..

888 Bytes NTAG216 Woven NFC wristband For Event NFC PaymentBasic Feature:NTAG NFC chip with fast respond ability , include NTAG213 / NTAG215 / NTAG216 NFC chip ;NTAG216 with big Momery , with password ;Memory:924 bytes , User memory :888 bytes ,Max url(characters):854 ;Specification:Material:Woven or Fabric,Button : Reused or disposable ;Card tag Size :Type 1 : 25*39 mmType 2 : 25*40 mmType 3 : 42..